Monday, November 29, 2010

Another Bag Completed!


One of my DDIL’s in due to have a birthday, and she is very hard to buy for. ( Doesn’t every-one say that?) but she is, so once againIMG_1668  I made her a bag with 3 pockets inside for her bits and pieces.  I was going to make one for myself using the same pattern, but in the meantime found a pattern in an old patchwork magazine, and have decided to make that instead. – So… watch this space.

I have also completed another Nearly Insane block to go in the pile.

Nearly Insane Blocks 003 This one took me the best part of 5 hours. Unbelievable – mind you I was eating morning tea and lunch in between. 

Just finished doing the lawns yet again. My lawns need mowing every week at the moment. It takes me about 2 hours on my ride-on. We haven’t had any rain to speak of for a couple of months, but we get quite heavy dew, and that keeps the lawns growing. The paddocks are getting pretty dry now, and soon I will have to keep the large bowl in the sink to catch all the waste water in the kitchen to water my plants outside.

Its the same ever year, but in 22 years we haven’t yet had to buy any water. We are very lucky.

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Frances Leate said...

I wish I could send you some of our water from Tropical Far North Queensland - it never stops and sometimes I feel like I have webbed feet. It is a lovely bag and I am sure it will be a well appreciated gift. The block is nice - don't you just love precision piecing. Happy stitching!

Julie said...

We've just had another rainy weekend here, there is also flooding in many parts of eastern Australia, I think the drought is over??? Your daughter in-law will be thrilled with the lovely bag, you so such beautiful work!