Saturday, January 2, 2010

What a busy Day It’s Been

Stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve.

Mario cooked up some of what he calls Omlette which is his version of Crepes ( Pancakes). They are paper thin and absolutely fabulous to eat. So... at 11 pm we sat with a plate full each on our laps - him with jam on his, but mine HAD to have Golden Syrup. I remember as a child my mother cooking pancakes, but as there were 4 of us kids and Mum and Dad, it took forever to get the 2nd one. I think as I remember we would have had about 3 each, until she got sick of it.

Mario said 'Thats the last thing I'll cook for you this year!! Mind you thats about the only thing he ever cooks and its usually for treats like my birthday or anniversary.

On the 1st of 2010

I happened to buy a 6 kg box of Tomatoes for $5.00 – more fool me, ‘cause then I had to do something with them. ( Can’t resist a bargain.

So I’ve been up to my eyeballs in vinegar, sugar etc. and have made 14 small jars of Tomato Relish and 3 1/2 bottles of Tomato sauce. Both old family recipes. IMG_1352 IMG_1354 Also managed to make some puree to put in the freezer for the endless spagetti sauce that I make, being married to an Italian.

Now the view from my sewing room window. I’m afraid it’s not as grand as some, but I have lots of light. I have a ranch slider ( door & windows) on one wall, but I didn’t dare show you the other 3 as they are walls with lots of ‘stuff’ on or around them. tee hee:-))

The view looks out onto the back lawn, and that’s another Hydrangea. We have quite a large rambling garden, which keeps me busy.


I thought I would wander around the garden and show you some of the plants in flower at the moment. My absolute favourite plant is the Hydrangea of which I have quite a few with different colours.

IMG_1349 2nd Jan 2010 My garden 001

2nd Jan 2010 My garden 003


This tree is commonly known as the Christmas Tree, as it is usually a mass of beautiful red flowers during the summer holidays (Our Christmas) down under. It’s botanical name is Pohutakawa. This particular tree is only about 2 years old, and will eventually grow very large, but we have plenty of room. Its out on the edge of the drive into the house.

Ah well, now back to the quilt!

BFN - Sue


Julie said...

You have been very busy! I'm in awe of anyone who bottles! Your Hydrangeas look stunning!

Linda said...

Thanks for your sewing room views, Sue! They're wonderful. I too especially love hydrangea, and yours is gorgeous. I tried growing them here in Iowa (USA), and it didn't work. Not humid enough and touchy about growing in our clay soil. You have great plants to enjoy.

Louise said...

I love the Hydrangeas! I also love New's so beautiful, green and lush there. DH and I visited there in 2000. I was organizing my travel photos the other day and relived my vacation from the photos...wonderful memories! Louise