Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Latest Baby Quilt

is finished. I decided to try and baste this little quilt on my design wall, which turned out to be quite successful! 

I used some 9 patch blocks that I had sitting on the drawer for a zillion years for the backing. It saved me buying fabric, and used up MORE stuff.


I pieced this quilt, using one of the new methods I read about online. I joined 4 squares together...a 4 patch. I made two of these, the placed them right sides together. I sewed around the 4 edges, then cut diagonally through them twice, as in a large X.
The only problem I had using this method, was that all edges are on the bias.

All in all I don't think I enjoyed this way of making half square triangles.

 I used an orange peel template to draw around, and quilted using my free motion foot.

 I quilted it from the front, and was really pleased to see how it turned out on the back. Actually I like the back of the quilt more than the front.

 From the photo it looks like I colour washed it, but its the camera in my phone that's done that, and the fact that I have a very large window off to the right of my design wall.

This is now winging its way to another Great Grand-daughter in Western Australia.

Thanks for dropping by


Julie said...

That is a very pretty quilt, your quilting was the perfect design for it. I am sure it will be much used and loved.

Leeanne said...

Very pretty! Great to some projects finished.

FlourishingPalms said...

I like this, Sue! And your GREAT granddaughter (can that be true?!) will adore it.The quilting really shows off nicely with the light from the window on the right. You did a lovely job! Isn't it a great feeling to USE stash, AND have a finish?!

Kyle said...

Fantastic front and back to your darling baby quilt.

Sharon Keightley Quilts said...

Beautiful Quilt. Lovely quilting !

The Quilted Finish said...

Such a lovely quilt! Lucky little girl! The quilting really looks great too.

Marie said...

Such a pretty little quilt. I am in total awe how you were able to align the quilting on both the front and the back.