Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Second Class...

at Quilt Symposium was a workshop by Chris Jurd from Australia. I was so happy to do this workshop, as I love all the quilt's Chris designs, and it was the first chance I had to take one of her classes.

This was my effort for one day. The class is called Pickled Fish. 
The fabrics for the spikes ended up the opposite way accidently, but we decided it didn't really matter as there was enough contrast. 

My sister joined me after the symposium for 3 days of shopping and looking around the city. We didn't venture far, as we were walking and busing. Also we only had 1 day of sunshine....2 more of rain! It rained almost everyday I was down there.
Me and my mates waiting for coffee!

Rememberance wall of those who died in the earthquake. 

 Even with all the repair works going on in the city, Christchurch is a beautiful city, especially when the sun shines.

We had the opening of the Quilt Symposium in the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, also known as the Cardboard Cathedral.

Sad to see the Cathedral is still in a state of destruction after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, but I understand, plans are underway for restoration.

The day we had beautiful sunshine, was so hot in comparison to the rest of the week, we were caught out wearing winter clothes.  The temperature got up to 24 degrees celcius.
Had to have an icecream!

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Raewyn said...

It's lovely to see you blogging again and it's great to see you enjoyed Symposium, weather and all! Lucky you to get down there to enjoy some classes and sightseeing. I'll look forward to seeing how these new projects develop:-)