Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hand In Day

 I know its been awhile but I still have photo issues, and I need to talk to some-one younger than me to get it sorted. The problem is, it puts me off blogging cause I know it'll take me so long!

This is a quilt I started nearly 20 years ago. It is hand pieced and appliqued. In the days when I started this there were no plastic templates, so every piece was cut out of card i.e. all the cards that came in quilt magazines, christmas cards etc. I did use a rotary cutter for cutting the fabrics. I English Paper pieced all the stars, and glue...stitching through the card. I used 30's fabrics, and I think from memory there are no two fabrics the same. The quilt is not here at the moment, as its in storage for our quilt show in November.

When it came time to deal with the edges I put it to one side, and it lay in a blanket box still with all the papers in, until this year when I decided it was time to finish it.

My initial thoughts were to hand quilt it, but as I had gotten over this quilt a long time ago, I decided to send it to my long arm quilt lady.
This quilt measures approx. 90" square. 

In October I was lucky enough to attend the NZ Quilt Symposium which was held in Christchurch. 

I took a class which was very different for me, as I like to plan what I make and this class was all about freehand rulers allowed...After cutting wedges, and sewing them together,you got what you got! Then do the same with some more fabric. 

Below are some of the class work in progress.

Workshop run by Sherri Lynn Wood from USA. A great tutor!

The start of My effort.

 This is what I came home with. Need to get on and finish it!

 I actually quite enjoyed it. The pink on the left was a piece of fabric from the class stash, that the tutor put down. I would never have put the 2 pinks together, but she said it was fine, and the class moto seemed to be, to use what you had!

Now that I'm on a roll I'll try and blog tomorrow about my other class!

Cheers Sue


Raewyn said...

Your 30s stars is beautiful Sue - well done on getting it finished - I look forward to seeing it in person! I really like how you have put the wee diamond at the start and end of the short rows, a nice little touch :-) And good on you jumping out of your comfort zone with yur Symposium class/es. it's nice to break your own rules from time to time! (Fun idea for the tutor to have a class stash too!)

Julie said...

Welcome back, your stars are beautiful, glad you pulled it out and finished it.Symposium sounded great, I see the next one is in Auckland, I just object to paying to register for something I may not even attend or like any of the classes on offer.
Have a lovely long weekend, and don't give up on blogging, it takes me a little while too.

Pip said...

Always good to finish off a quilt, especially one that has been around for a long time :)

I love the wedge blocks you made at Symposium, I hope I will get to one sometime in the future. What is the problem you are having with your photos? Is it getting them from your computer to Blogger or something else? I might be able to help.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I always think it is interesting to look back and see how our quilting tastes have changed. I love those wedge blocks, so colorful. The 30's quilt looks soft and cuddly. Will you be keeping her or gifting her? I'm very thankful my son is so helpful with my computer challenges, he's my IT guy! Happy stitching.

Kyle said...

Loved seeing 30's star quilt and enjoyed seeing where your quilting journey is taking you today.

Leeanne said...

Gorgeous star quilt! I hope to catch up with you at AFQ. Hanging in there with the blogging........sorry I can't offer much help as I fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to blogging!