Monday, June 30, 2014

After well over 150 hours

of hand quilting my Mrs Billings, I realised I had a problem with one of the rows. The small squares on point were causing me some angst as in some parts of the quilting I was having to quilt 4 layers and as the area is quite small I was getting everything quite uneven, and I certainly did not like it!
It was making me reluctant to sit and carry on with it. Sunday afternoon I was feeling pretty fed up with that row, when all of a sudden something clicked in my brain and I thought why not just do straight lines across the squares. Brilliant!!!
So…….I have nearly 3 rows to undo but its worth it.
From this

2014-06-29 17.04.02
To this…..

2014-06-29 17.04.29

I am back to being a ‘Happy Chappy’ and looking forward to another days quilting!
Thanks for taking the time to keep looking. I’m looking forward to having this finished, as there are other things I would love to be doing, but have been very focused and not allowed myself to get sidetracked, which is not normal for me. :-)
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Leeanne said...

Oh Sue you must have had a horrible sinking feeling in your stomach! Thank goodness you came up with plan 'B'........Enjoy the being back to a 'Happy Chappy!'Looks pretty by the way.

Sew Quilt Designs said...

Looking good!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think I like to try to quilt easily too - I do not like to go through heavy layers of seams - your quilting is looking good

pinewood said...

Looking good, love the lines X

Pip said...

I think the lines through the squares look much better than your original quilting Sue, your fingers will love you for it :)

Jeanette said...

Looks Great Sue. Glad you found a solution. Hugs.xx

Tazzie said...

Your quilting is looking amazing Sue, I'm so glad you've been able to make a change so you're happy to keep plugging away.

Julie said...

This is looking great. Like the straight lines a lot better.