Monday, September 10, 2012

Hi Every-one

just had a week with the MIL staying, so was a bit curtailed with the quilting. When our little quilting group was allocated a grant from the Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild to help finance our show, we were asked if we could perhaps donate a quilt to go in the collection of Community Quilts from our Guild. The Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild organises the making and distribution of quilts to worthy organisations in the community.
A few of the women in our group managed to make a quilt each. I made up this quilt from a pattern I saw on Jeni’s site Thank you Jeni, as this is just what I needed to use some of my scraps. It measures 64” x 76” so will be a good single bed quilt for some-one.


Last week 3 friends and I went to the Craft Show in Hamilton. The quilts on display there were absolutely fabulous, and I have some photos to share. The problem is I don’t have permission from the owners of the quilts, and I have been told that maybe I should have, before I show them. It’s all getting a bit PC isn’t it, but I guess one needs to do the right thing.  Sorry this is short and sweet, but I have to get back to stitching the binding down of my quilt that I am entering in the Auckland Festival of Quilts which is on in November.                                           th7_20_91_sewing_smily_face
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that quilt is much like the one I am quilting right now and it went together fairly easily. It is getting complicated to be able to share anything we see outside of our own homes and quilting clubs isn't it. You have to be so careful now. In a way I understand but yet don't!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your quilt is something like the one that I am currently quilting isn't it. It is crazy how careful we have to be now about what we share in photos and what we don't. We go to shows and then can only show a photo of the quilts from a distance - even some of the vendors do not want you to take photos of their area - what to share, what not to share?

Linda said...

You're probably correct to err on the side of being cautious about posting pictures of others' quilts. I know that at some shows, coordinators specifically say that posting quilt pictures is not permitted. It's too bad, because we all like to see what everyone else is making. So glad you got to go to the show though, and enjoy it yourself.

Petras Kramkiste said...

what a wonderful quilt and the many colors I really liked. thanks for the link to the tutorial.

love greetings


Pip said...

I've been eyeing off that quilt pattern with a view to making one for myself, when I've finished everything else :)

It is really hard to know what do do about photos now, I always take a lot but I won't post them on my blog anymore. I think that most quilters in general are really happy to have others see what they have made, but I suppose better safe than sorry.

Julie said...

That's a really great design've done a great job of it too!