Thursday, August 23, 2012

In My Spare Time…..

smile I have been crocheting hexagons. I have checked out so many online patterns, and almost forgot where I got the original pattern from, but I remembered when it came time to put them together. There are so many different ideas out there, and although I should have been hand appliqueing or stitching my tiny hexagons at night, I found so much pleasure in sitting and crocheting, that I kept doing it. Its also a great project to take away, as it doesn’t matter if the lights not so good, whereas I tend to sit under my floor lamp when doing my stitching. This is the pattern I used but I added an extra row to mine. I wanted the hexagons to be bigger so the afghan would get bigger quicker. Sue's crochet hexagons 001
I wanted to crochet join them together, and spent a couple of hours trying different methods, but ended up with a ridge which I didn’t want. I pretty much joined them Heidi’s way
but joined them every second stitch instead of every 3rd. I am quite happy with how they are turning out, just have to keep at it and stop getting distracted with other beautiful crocheted rugs.smileSue's crochet hexagons 002 Quilting ideas 002 Quilting ideas 003 I also made this little carry bag for a lady who, without even being a member of our club, spent hours helping us set up the show. The other night I started my 2nd Flower Garden applique block. I wish there were at least 2 more hours in the day.
Thanks for dropping by
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Merilyn said...

I'm loving your crochet hexies, they look just wonderful!!! What a colourful and happy blanket this will be!!!! Nice little carry bag for sewing items too!! You have been very productive!!!

Jeanette said...

Love your crocheted hexagons. They look great. Hugs,

Julie said...

Love love love those crochet hexagons, they look so good together!
What a thoughtful thing to do to make another thoughtful person a thank you gift you are very generous person Sue!

Raewyn said...

I really like your hexagons - I love how there they have petal shapes in the centres. It looks like you are having fun with them.

Pip said...

I remember bookmarking that crochet pattern as I liked it too. They're looking good. Looking forward to seeing some of your FG blocks.

Linda said...

Your crocheted hexies are so cute! Nice that you have such a great variety of scrap yarn colors so you can make this look so bright. It's going to finish beautifully!

Cattinka said...

Hello Sue,
thanks for inviting me to your blog. Your african flower hexies are beautiful, I like the colours and they even look better joined together. I still have to think about how I will do that part. I have 100 made right now, but they are not joined jet.

LuAnn said...

I found just one of these African flower hexagons in the very bottom of a bag of scraps the other day and after seeing yours wish I had made more. Yours are just gorgeous!!!!

Elly D said...

Hello Sue :)
I love your African hexagons, so colourful!
I have something half started in these little motifs here:
I must pick it up again one day and finish into something.