Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Was Slightly Distracted…

from my Medallion Friendship Quilt this past week. After telling my cousin that we planned a trip to her place down country, to visit our DA (her Mother) to celebrate her 89th birthday, she asked me if I intended bringing a quilt to quilt on her Long Arm Frame..
I hadn’t actually thought of it, but as I had started a DGS’s 16th birthday quilt last year, I thought what a good opportunity it would be to finish it. Well, I had only managed to complete about 6 block’s as I found it one of the most challenging things I had made in a long time. The block was very simple, but had to be cut to go one way, for 1 block and the opposite (sort of :-))  for the other.. The challenge was to get all the blocks made in a week, along with all the other things one has to do in life.
I am really happy with the way it turned out, although I should have made another row on each side, plus another row top and bottom to complete the pattern correctly. That would have made the quilt 84 x 92.Troys Quilt
I figured that was fairly large for a young man, so finished it up at 60 x 72. I have only done a large stipple, as I didn’t have time to try anything fancier.
Now to finish it off and bind it.
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Pip said...

Good on you for finishing it off, just looking at the quilt is making my head spin, it's a rather nice pattern though.

Sheila said...

'twas an opportunity not to be missed. Its a lovely quilt, and quite masculine in your colour way. now you are free to move on to "other" projects... wonder what we will see

Linda said...

Sounds like your machine was smokin' to get so much done in a short amount of time. And what a unique design! I've never seen a quilt like this one. Very nice! Glad you could take advantage of the chance to use a longarm. Quilting takes as much time, if not more than piecing a top, so it's good you could make quick work of it.

pinewood said...

Looks great
Well done


Merilyn said...

What a wonderful block design for a bloke's quilt!!! You did a great job, it looks difficult! I'm sure he'll just love it!!!! Well done!!!