Monday, February 6, 2012

Friendship Medallion Quilt…

I am really pleased to say I have finished round 2 of my Medallion Quilt from Patchwork Pumpkin thanks to Linda who inadvertently gave me the push to get back into it. :-)
Friendship Medallion Quilt 002
Then last week I went to my friend Sharon’s place and pieced Round 3, so now I am waiting for Round 4 to be given to me.
This quilt is designed by Patchwork Pumpkin, but the participants must use fabrics from their stash and not buy any for the quilt. This is VERY easy for me to do. :-)
After completing a round a photo is sent to the shop, and the next round is sent to you.
Round 3
Friendship Medallion Quilt 004
I have also completed another block in my Civil War series.
Block  # 46   Apple Tree
Civil War Block #46
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Sue said...

That is a beautiful quilt!

Frances Leate said...

Oh Sue I just love the way you have mixed your colours with this quilt and it looks wonderful. Take care.

Sheila said...

well done, Sue. I didn't get further than getting the instruction for the centre, Its going to be a beauty, LOve your Apple tree block

Julie said...

Your work is simply stunning Suzie, I love seeing what you've been working.

Merilyn said...

Your round robin is looking just lovely, you must have some stash LOL! The mix of colours/prints has created a very pleasing look!!!
Your CW blocks is great too, I'm still in the process of making the few extra I need!!

Linda said...

Your Friendship Medallion is stunning, Sue! I absolutely love it. Your color choices will make this a fabulous quilt. Thanks for crediting me with "pushing" you, however inadvertently that happened. Just keep going! I can't wait to see the rest of what you'll do!

Pip said...

It's encouraging to see how the quilt is shaping up, I have the centre instructions hanging in my sewing room, waiting for the day when I make a start on it. I really like the colours you are using on your quilt, nice and bright, I was thinking about using CW fabrics but might have a re-think now.

LuAnn said...

I love your medallion quilt. It is just gorgeous.

pinewood said...

Hi Sue

Love your quilt, thanks for the link.