Monday, January 9, 2012

Still Plugging away…..

On the wedding quilt, but now am running out of the cream fabric, so I think it’ll have to be a topper quilt, which I would not normally ever make. I am a bit too practical for my own good, as I feel a quilt needs to be useful, not just decorative. I am trying to get past this idea, as I have hardly any wall hangings, and need to do some just to get the quilt idea out of my system.

Now about 3 days later, I have finished the top. I put two borders on, 1 measuring 1 1/2 “ finished the other 8 “ finished, and now the quilt measures 85” square, which is good. I will try and post a photo, but I need a day with no wind ( pretty hard to find at the moment) to take a photo outside, as its too big on the floor.

I have also done a few more of my Civil War Blocks

Block # 52 – Christmas Star

Block # 52 Christmas Star

Block # 47 Dixie Tea

Block # 47 Dixie Tea

Block # 45 Port & Starboard

Block # 45 Port and Starboard Oh poo! I can see a mistake. Will have to resew! Funny how you only notice a mistake when you look at a photo!

Block # 49 Yankee Puzzle

Block # 49 Yankee Puzzle

I wasn’t so keen on my fabric choices so made another one.

Block # 49 Yankee Puzzle 2 Thats better!

Block #44 Union

Block # 44 Union

And last but not least

Block 50 Grapes of Wrath

Block # 50 Grapes of Wrath

Well that’s all from me for now, so

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Tazzie said...

Beautiful blocks Sue, and as always just gorgeous fabric combinations. I couldn't see the error in that one block - but I have to confess I don't remember what the original looked like.
I've really fallen off the wagon with my CW blocks, I'll have to get back on them soon!
Be sure to have a great week

Sheila said...

your blocks are lovely, on the home straight now,

Frances Leate said...

Great looking blocks and wonderful fabric selection - I only have one block to go and then I need to put it all together!!! Take care.

Pip said...

Nice looking blocks, I can't see the mistake, unless it is one of the Union triangles being the wrong way round. Still working on my Christmas
Star, it's too big,so a bit of resewing is required.
(the word verification this time is: dope lol)

Linda said...

It's nice to see how you're sewing. Good to know you're back at it and making good progress. Your CW quilt will be beautiful. Are you SURE there's a mistake in that block?!

Merilyn said...

Your blocks look great Sue, and I can't for the life of me see a mistake! LOL
I have to make a few more CW blocks of my own choice to get the number I need which is 56!
I will have to maintain some kind of discipline to get them done!

Sue said...

Thanks ladies for your kind comments. After checking the original, I found the block was correct after all. Thanks goodness I don't have to unpick another one. :-)