Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year…

I have spent some lovely sewing time, catching up on a few things, that I have had to let slide. One is Marks Wedding Quilt ( my name ) that I resurrected after it languished in a box for about 13 years.

The story behind this quilt is, in 1998 when I was visiting a friend in California, she asked me if I would like the fabric and blocks she had started for this quilt. There were reasons she didn’t want it any more, and I said, How lovely! yes I’ll take it with pleasure. The fabric has feathers on it, and quite suits our lifestyle of Western Horses, and would have suited our house. Well…. I am a great procrastinator, and the fabrics and blocks stayed in the box.
Last year a young friend of ours in Australia, also in the same lifestyle announced he was getting married. Ah ha! I could make the quilt for him! At one of the retreats I went to last year, I took the box and started piecing. I am not used to making quilts with limited fabric choices as most of mine are scrappy, and now I know why! I have run out of the green fabric and as the young man is quite tall I wanted to make the quilt as large as I could. Fortunately I have heaps of the feather fabric -  Bonnie had bought enough to back it with also.
Click on the picture to enlarge!

Off I went yesterday to see what a couple of friends might have had that was near to the same. One had a 20cm piece of green, that has a small pale orange splog on it, which I think if I randomly put in I’ll get away with it. I was hoping to do a narrow border before the wider feather border, but now I can’t. The same friend had a red Moda Marble that matches the red in the feather fabric so I might use that.
DH is away today playing golf, I have the crockpot on with a piece of corned beef in it,  so, must get going and start sewing. Have to make the most of the home alone time. :-)smile

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Linda said...

This is the Hunter's Star pattern, right? I have foundation papers to make one... someday. Is that how you are making this one? Your colors sure are pretty. Quilty friends are the best sort to have for bailing you out in a pinch, aren't they?

Julie said...

It's lovely Suzie, I do hope you made the most of your time alone! Looking forward to the results.

Pip said...

That looks to be quite an interesting pattern, maybe you could "square up" the existing amount and then add more blocks with a different colour star around that. Enjoy your time alone, somedays I nearly push my husband out of the house so I can have time alone to sew :)

Merilyn said...

Sometimes certain quilts just take time to mature before they can be completed LOL! Just waiting for the right person to come along who would love it! Good luck with your completion, look forward to seeing it when it's all done!! Happy New Year!!!