Thursday, June 2, 2011

Whew 2 in one day..

Thats going abit over the top, but I have some of Barbara Brackmans Civil War blocks made which I must show you.
This block was a little tricky with all the HST’s, so I changed it a little – unfortunately my stripes don’t match very well.

Civil War - Block  22

Block 22 Blockade

Civil War Block – 21

Underground Railroad
The fabric on the corners has come out brown, ( from the scan) but they are in actual fact black
Block 21 Underground Railroad

Civil War Block- 13
Little Blue Basket
Block 13 Little Blue Basket

and last but not least

Civil War - Block 10

Lincoln’s Platform
Block 10 Lincoln's Platform

I think I am nearly caught up. Might just have 1 more to do.
Thanks for dropping by – please leave messages. I love to read them. :-)

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Julia said...

Just beautiful Sue...I need to catch up..
Julia ♥

Linda said...

Your CW blocks are nice, Sue. But isn't it funny that I have no desire whatsoever to make them, and I'm in the US where we HAD the Civil War, and you're there in New Zealand, and you're making them! Does that seem a little odd? (ggg) Your retreat location looked gorgeous. It felt like Oz (though I know it wasn't), and it made me miss your hemisphere! DH and I hope to return in a couple years.

Frances Leate said...

Your blocks look wonderful and some fabulous fabric selections. The retreat looked like a lot of fun with some great work around. Take care.

Merilyn said...

You've done well Sue, to have nearly caught up! Your blocks are lovely!!!

MaryLu said...

I love your Civil War Blocks on your side bar. How do you embed them that way?
The quilt on your header is gorgeous too!
Thanks for sharing your talents.