Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Lovely Autumn Day…

And I thought I should post some photos from the Retreat I went to last weekend, at Waiwera, which is a little coastal bay on the East Coast of NZ, about 30 mins  north of Auckland.

The retreat lasts for 4 days, but I only managed 3. I find for me that’s fine, as I have other things pressing at home, that needs my attention. (DH) haha! and office work.

Waiwera 007 Waiwera 012 Waiwera 009 Isn’t this a fabulous looking tree.Waiwera 010

Now onto the main business of the weekend….Waiwera 002

We are a small group of about 20 ladies, and although the sewing area is a bit restricted, it makes for a cosy group of like minded people. Alot of the women were doing hand work, but I took my trusty sewezi table  (forground). I love this table as it makes me quite independant – if there’s not enough room on the tables.

See my little lady pincushion hanging on my machine– thanks  Julie – she drew lots of favourable attention.

I have added some photos of what people were working on.Waiwera 020   Waiwera 036 Waiwera 033 Waiwera 042

Waiwera 043

Waiwera 053 Waiwera 054

Waiwera 047

Waiwera 051 Will post a photo of what I am making as soon as I take a photo.

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Merilyn said...

Thankyou for sharing photos of your retreat! Everyone's work is lovely, I especially love the romantic blocks with lace and embroidery, they are scrumptious!!!
What beautiful scenery too, looks as though the weather was nice, wonderful!!!