Monday, May 2, 2011

More on Symposium

I had two very good classes and was Angel for one day. They chose an easy class for me to be Angel for as I still have my plaster cast on ( and will do for another week or so.

I was an Angel for an Art design class, which was not my cup of tea. Try as I may, I just don’t get it, but they were a nice bunch of ladies. Only 7 in the class and I think 3/4 were from Australia.  I am such a traditional quilter!!

My first class was a Miniature Paper Foundation Piecing class, which was quite good, but since applying for the class way back, I started making the ‘Nearly Insane Quilt’ and learned Carol Doak’s method of paper foundation piecing, which I find extremely good.

The pattern was Storm at Sea.

The second class I did was with Gloria Loughman, who is from Australia and is a most generous and wonderful tutor. She is so sharing of her knowledge and I am very keen to finish the quilt. IMG_2105 IMG_2121 Listening very hard!IMG_2125 Just the start of my sky . DH can’t see that its a sunset at all, so hopefully when I have finished it he will rethink.

IMG_2129 We had our Special Dinner night up at the Skyline Restaurant, which means a ride up in the gondola. Not for the faint hearted!!

IMG_2127SGRL_gondola_at_dusk Overlooking the Remarkable Range.


Another couple of pixs from WanakaSue P1020358  P1020437 sue 1     IMG_1005

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Frances Leate said...

Glad you enjoyed the Symposium. I have done many classes with Gloria Loughman and I agree she is a wonderful teacher. I am like you not greatly in to art quilts and much prefer the traditional quilting styles, particularly applique and piecing. Take care.

Merilyn said...

Beautiful photos Sue, makes me a bit homesick LOL!!! Glad you enjoyed our Foundation Paper Piecing, you always get a good result!!!