Monday, January 31, 2011

Ticking along Nicely!

Block 5 – Kansas Troubles.

A block to piece carefully, but it turned out quite nice. Its fun to hook up on Sunday mornings and get the latest from Barbara Brackman’s Civil War blocks. Makes it a lot easier for me to keep up. ( At this stage anyway heehee)

Civil War Block 5

I’m managing to have quite a few sewing days at the moment, as we can’t go away on holiday. Planted some lettuce and perpetual spinach which is so great to grow. Just cut the leaves off as you want the spinach and the plant just keeps on reproducing more. I planted 6 plants last summer, and they kept going until I went away in September then because DH was in charge the garden went to weeds. :-(

We eat a lot of spinach – I wash it, chop it up, add no extra water, then cook until its wilted ( not long) then drain and add lots of chopped fresh garlic. I then pour over a couple of tablespoon of good Olive Oil and about half that quantity of a good vinegar. Balsamic usually, although any is fine.  Yummy!!

I have just finished two more NEARLY INSANE BLOCKS

Block 28Block 28 Nearly Insane

and Block 22Block 22 Nearly Insane

Oh No!!! I have just realised that my flying geese are going the wrong way on the sides. Oh well, too bad – I’m not redoing it. They’ll just have to stay that way.

Spot the difference in the outside fabric. As I said in my earlier post, I did what Salinda Rupp might have had to do, and make do. I ran out of the fabric I had done everywhere else and had to make about 7 of the outside of the geese in a different fabric.

Thanks for dropping by

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Merilyn said...

You've done very well with your Kansas Troubles block, I have started on it, have one quarter section completed. I also love your 'insane' blocks, such fiddley work, but oh! so worth it!!!, I never noticed the flying geese flying 'west' LOL, until you mentioned it! Beautiful work!

Linda said...

Your blocks are super. Every one looks like it was a lot of effort, and is nicely done. I love that the geese are going two directions. Geese seem to do that quite a bit here in the Midwest USA!

Julie said...

Gorgeous blocks Suzie, reminds me I must get mine done this weekend. Thanks!

LuAnn said...

Your Nearly Insane blocks are beautiful. I love the fabrics you are using.

pinewood said...

Hi Sue

Your blocks look great, they really are insane.


pinewood said...

Hi Sue

Your blocks look great. They really are insane.