Monday, August 16, 2010

Haven’t really got time but…..

Whew! I am starting to have just a little panic here, and I shouldn’t be spending time doing this, but I said I would show the blocks I made last week of my Nearly Insane Quilt.
Block #  10
image I am really enjoying making these blocks, and at 6” finished they are not so hard to do.
Block # 3
image And below Block # 11
image After putting them on here I noticed they aren’t very straight on the scanner, but I haven’t got time to redo them.
Now to back back to making some more Pies & Tarts. I am going to take these to  hand piece with me on my travels, OH and just in case I don’t have enough to do (HaHa) I will take some Candied Hexagons, that I have drawn and cut out.
Still have Grand-children ‘stuff’ to do and office work for the 20th month, so must away and get on with it.
Thanks for dropping by
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Linda said...

Busy girl! But as it seems with me, the more you have to do, the more you get done. You also sound like me getting ready for a trip... lots of prep time needed to get the quilt-y stuff ready to go. That's the biggest priority, of course!

Pine Valley Quilts said...

Hi Sue

I love your blocks. They are really lovely.
I have also seen the pies and tarts quilts you mentioned and love that as well.
You are going to have a great trip.
See you soon