Sunday, July 18, 2010

Only 142 to Go!!

I have made a start at long last. What with all these projects on the go.
At the last count I had made about 60 Candied Hexagons. Now I am starting to think they are all too much. I must lay them out again and take a photo.
I have just made my first 2 Dear Jane BlocksDear Jane  Gosh the pieces are soooo small, and even doing Paper Foundation Piecing, you can still get them slightly off. These blocks are 4 1/2” finished.
I also made my first 2 Nearly Insane BlocksNearly Insane #1 Nearly Insane
These blocks are 6” finished, and I was able to P. F. Piece the centres then do the borders the normal way.
I read a great tip, keep measuring each section, and add extra fabric on the last round. This can be cut down if need be.
It’s amazing that even though you try so hard to be accurate, it can still end up slightly out. :-))
Sorry the blog is so short but.....Thanks for dropping by


Frances Leate said...

Two wonderful journeys you have embarked on. I love the challenge of precision piecing small blocks with lots of pieces and one of these days I will do a miniature quilt. Your blocks are looking good and I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

Elke said...

I found your nice blog on another blog, and I'm happy to see, there are many other quilters, who need 10 projects side by side :lol:
On my Nearly Insane I saw for 3 years,now, he is ready, but I need Dear Jane too.So I have began this quilt side by side other projects.
Enjoy your quilting.
Greetings from the North of the Earth

Julie said...

A sort blog post is much better than no blog post! Love the tiny blocks, I have come to a bit of a standstill on my Candied Hexies, must get my finger out!!

Karen said...

Dear Jane and Nearly Insane, how about that!! Your blocks are lovely! My sister has the Nearly Insane book. Maybe when I am finished Jane, I will move on to Insane.