Sunday, June 20, 2010

Soup Night at Quilting

Last Monday night we had our traditional annual Soup night, which consists of us bringing along Soup and Dessert.

A list is sent around, and everyone writes down what they are going to bring. As you can see by this photo we had a few crockpots of different kinds of soupIMG_1536.

We also had lots of yummy desserts, but in all the fun and laughter I forgot to take a photo of them. They in all truth probably disappeared before I had a chance. Not because I was too busy talking!LOL

We have started a little tradition (for want of a better word) One of our members works in the Heart Unit of one of the city hospitals, and she asked the members if they would join with her in making some coughing cushions. One of our members was very perturbed, as she thought she said coffin cushions, and wondered what on earth that meant.  Apparently when a patient is recovering from Heart surgery, they need to cough, holding the cushion at their chest. The cushion helps with this procedure.

I took a photo of the cushions that were handed in on the night. Mine is the Autumn leaf cushion. IMG_1538

We hope that those members who want to do this will do so monthly. Alot of quilt groups in our city donate quilts to Womens Refuge and The City Mission etc, so we thought this was something we could do.

Thanks alot for dropping by

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea the soup night.


Karen said...

Love your idea of soup night. I haven't heard of the coughing cushions. Not sure if they are required here in Australia, I will have to make enquiries, seems like a good project my group could get into. On another note I am having a giveaway over on my blog as I have just passed 1,000 visitors. You might like to have a look and tell your friends.
Happy Quilting

Julie said...

I love the Soup Night tradition! I may have to borrow it....... The cushions are lovely, and a great idea for a charity project.