Friday, June 11, 2010

Back Home

Well, we are home again to the rain, with loads of washing. My DH always says nooooo don’t bother washing while we are away – we always take heaps ( too much ) luggage with us. Save it (he says) until we get home.

Well now I’ve done most of it – like about 15 shirts, and 6 pairs of jeans.IMG_1530  This is the pile of shirts I have to start ironing tomorrow. Ah well I’ll put a quilting DVD on to make the job less boring!

I took my camera to Australia with me for the sole purpose of taking photos for my blog. I even took the charger for the batteries, but on the Sunday the batteries decided they had had enough and karked it. I wasn’t anywhere I could buy some new ones so I got a pathetic photo from the balcony outside our apartment in Tamworth, and that was it!!IMG_1527 

Ah well next year. We go every year to the Cutting Horse Futurity, but on the way I fly into Brisbane and spend some time with my son, DIL and G Children.

I managed a few photos of the family. One of the boys had his 14th birthday so Gma of course made a banana cake. We only had a 1 and a 3 but he was happy with that.


Also had a yummy meal of Lamb Shanks done in tomato and red wine. My Dear DIL is now an expert Panacotta maker, so had to have that also.  It was devine, but very bad for you. All that cream. She has been practising for when my Italian DH and I go over to visit for Christmas.                            IMG_1524  







I spent a lovely day as I said before in my last blog with Julie, who very kindly gave me a momento of our day out.  IMG_1529

A neat set of pot mitts, a lovely cupcake tea towel and the best of all a little purse for putting all those cards in.

I’m very slowly coming to the end of the planning for my big OE with my sister. We are off on 20th August, and the first port of call is the Birmingham Show.

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Julie said...

Darn those camera batteries! Hope that pile of ironing is all done too!