Monday, March 22, 2010

another Applique block finished!

In searching for something I had lost in my sewing room recently, I wandered around, totally off the subject as I am want to do (much to my husbands amusement or sometimes annoyance) and found 3 finished applique blocks and one nearly finished block. I immediately forgot about what I was looking for and started to finish the 4th block.

So here are the four blocks.IMG_1454


IMG_1455 IMG_1456 The backgrounds are two  different colours on purpose. IMG_1457 They are hand appliqued. It started out many years ago as a BOM but now I’m not so keen on some of the blocks so I thought I would do a mix & match and just add some different blocks to my quilt ( hoping I have enough fabric)

Thanks for dropping by

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Julie said...

These blocks are stunning! I can't wait to see more!

pinewood said...

Hi Sue
Your blocks look lovely, nice to have some hand work now the weathers getting cooler.


Karen said...

I really enjoy viewing applique projects. Your blocks are well done.