Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Had a great time at the retreat in Huia, West Coast in Auckland, last weekend, but would you believe it, I forgot my camera!! Never mind a friend sent me a few she took.

Beautiful weather made the weekend perfect. Rain was predicted, but for a change didn't happen. Plenty of food and wine, lots of jokes - (some a bit blueish) and great company.

As you can see by the view, the camp overlooks a small part of the West Coast of Auckland. The water was like a mill pond, and some of us more active went for a bit of a fast walk up and down a few hills to the local ice cream shop to partake. The walk was meant to make up for all the food we were eating at the camp.

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Julie said...

What a fantastic quilt retreat! It really does look like a great bunch of quilters was there and in a terrific location.