Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have been so slack with my blog – I see its almost 2 months since I wrote anything. A lot has been going on including a trip to family in Western Australia for Christmas, then when we got back home, we had the painters, builder and Tiler in doing some refreshing of our home inside. Its so good to get these jobs done as we built the house 25 years ago, and some things were left as we ran out of money. You then get used to it, until one day you decide that's it - time to sort it out!
2014-01-02 11.38.54The hardest part was getting my sewing room painted. Its happening in a weeks time, so I have to dismantle it – unbelievable job!! It’s a very small room and I’ve ended up sewing in the lounge and using my sewing room as a bit of a storage area ( only for my patchwork, knitting wool and the odd bit of ironing. So much so that I can’t really find anything thats not in a storage bin!  Here are some before photos  - I must say I’m  ashamed! Haha!2014-01-02 11.38.34 2014-01-02 11.38.47
The main reason for this post was to show the progress I am making with my Mrs. Billings quilt. I am determined to finish it this year, and am hoping to get the top pieced ready for hand quilting by Easter! Fingers crossed!

2013-11-21 17.46.06
2013-10-11 21.12.06 2013-10-12 14.48.56

2014-01-03 12.15.59 

Now I’m not sure about the blue border. It may be too bright - in keeping with the French Generals I am mainly (but not only) using I have been auditioning the next two borders and I think its going to be too multicoloured which I really dont want.
My centre hexagon is not stitched down as yet, and I think I’ll be changing that also.
Got to be careful I don’t over analyse it. :-)
Thanks for dropping by
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Frances Leate said...

I love Mrs Billings and yours is looking great. Remember you can't create without making a bit of mess. Take care.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good luck finishing the top by Easter, that doesn't give you a lot of time

Pip said...

Personally I think your Mrs Billings is looking great, others I have seen look a bit blah as to me they have made it too matchy-matchy with the fabrics, just my opinion though. You will be happy that you have missed on out most of the really hot days in WA.

Sheila said...

Arghhh! to cleaning out the sewing room. Just done mine and now my husband wants to paint it. Luckily there is now just one bookcase in there , everything else will just slide to the middle of the room. Like Pip i really like your version of Mrs B. The blue sashing sort of controls the rest of it. However he busy print laid at the outside seems to drain the colour from the blocks nearby (IMHO) and i would flip the gorgeous diamond borders as there are yellows converging from the inner border. Good luck on having the top completed by Easter. BTW I wish i could figure out why i can't leave a comment from Bloglovin and have to open a new window and google search you. Any clues?

FlourishingPalms said...

It's nice to see your Mrs. Billings quilt, but even more fun to see your sewing room! You have a lot of stuff in a small space, don't you? Ah, but it will be so refreshing to return to that room with fresh paint (what color?) and re-organized, as I am sure you must do when you move back in. I hope it all comes together as you wish, including Mrs. Billings!