Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two months ago…

Wendy a member of our little quilting group, who used to own a Quilt Shop, came to us with an idea of a mystery quilt which she would design. She gave every-one an applique pattern for the centre block, if they wanted to do one as she had, but we could also make whatever we liked as our centre block. I thought ….hey this would be nice made in Reproduction fabrics, and as I had a block that I had made as an experiment, I thought what a perfect block to 

use. 20130522_111915

I was away the following month, so when I arrived home I emailed and got the 2nd round for this Mystery. This is when I started to get into trouble. Nothing is easy, and I found my block measured 13”instead of the 12 1/2”required. No probs. I thought. I’ll just cut my next round down by 1/2”. Easier said than down as the round measured 1/2”finished. Anyway I accomplished this, but my next round is one short square short on each of the 4 sides. Don’t know how that happened, but it appears my 1/4” SA is on the generous size.

2013-06-30 10.51.15

As it is, I am quite happy with how it looks ….I starched the living daylights out of it. Unfortunately that gave me a light square and a dark square next to each other on a couple of corners, but it’ll have to stay like that. I always think in the last century the women would not have worried about that…so neither will I. :-) VBG!
Will post the next round when done.
While I’m at it I must show you what I have been knitting. A scarf in Angora. Hopefully will be cosy when I go to our Quilt Symposium in Taupo in July. I am using these delightful to knit with needles..Knit Pro by Symfonie.


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Merilyn said...

Your little quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love that star block, you did a great job with the pieced borders too, love everything about it!!!! Very well done!!!! Yes, you will need angora to keep you warm LOL!!! I don't miss those dreadfully cold winters one little bit, just a faded freezing memory now LOL!!!!!

pinewood said...

Love your quilt, looking good. Your scarf looks lovely.

FlourishingPalms said...

Your mystery medallion quilt is starting out so pretty, even with your problematic scant quarter-inch seam allowance. Good for you to think of using starch... a good fix for many quilt-y things!

Julie said...

Such a fabulous block and even though it has been a bit of a challenge you have managed to make it look even better, can't wait for the following round!
Your scarf looks so soft, and aren't knitting needles so much more interesting than they used to be??