Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It’s been so long….

Since I last posted. Unfortunately Facebook is so easy, that one tends to forget about posting on the blog. It’s easier on Facebook. One sentence will often suffice! haha! even though I am known for having plenty to say!
However I now have a new Smartphone Galaxy 4 so photo taking should prove to be a lot easier! Well I said should be ….I just have to remember not to shake when I take it. It’s less forgiving I think than my camera.
I have just finished Block 49 in the saga of making my Nearly Insane quilt. I have decided to start looking for the sashing fabric, so I can at least get some of the blocks sewn together. I think I have made about 44 blocks so far. 

2013-05-22 10.51.01

The little quilt group I am in- Village Green Quilters are having a Mystery Quilt project this year, and I have made my centre block. This quilt is going to be a Medallion style quilt. Actually the block I am using was a block I stitched together for another project and didn’t use, so I thought I would use it in this quilt. I am going to use Reproduction fabrics for mine. 

2013-05-22 11.19.14

Just a little chat for now and thanks for dropping by
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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm opposite I blog more than facebook - my facebook I use just to keep in touch with family not quilting friends other than a few groups that I check in with.
love the quilts!

FlourishingPalms said...

Both of your blocks are so intricate! Lots of pieces. I particularly like the Nearly Insane block #49. Something about the colors, I think... really lovely. You do beautiful work.

Merilyn said...

Wow! Sue, both your blocks are quite beautiful!!! Good for you persisting with your Nearly Insane blocks, they are amazing in their detail!!!!

pinewood said...

Your blocks look great, love the colours in the nearly insane block.

Khristina aka Khris said...

oh wow Sue these blogs are fantastic. Lots of work, well done.
Hugs Khris