Friday, April 12, 2013

Scrappy Quilts

I spent a lovely weekend at a friends holiday beach bach a couple of weeks ago. Five of us all brought our scraps along with the sole purpose of making a scrappy quilt each, we had seen at a show recently. We were going to share scraps/strips, but it soon became obvious that we would never in a million years use all we had. I’m sure my baskets were no less full than when I started!
We had a well deserved ice cream after all our hard work.
And a walk along this glorious beach!
I haven’t got a photo of what every-one made yet, but this is my end result!
Problem now is to quilt it! Any ideas?? Maybe just ditch stitching. I pieced this onto very light weight vilene  so probably only needs a pellon batting??.
Thanks for dropping by after my long absence! 
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Merilyn said...

What a wonderful weekend away, it looks as though you were in full production judging by the look of all the fabric strewn on the floor and in the doorway LOL!!!!!
Your little bach looks just perfect with that little sunroom too, haven't heard that expression 'bach' for such a long time, so much nicer than holiday house etc!!! I remember as a kid my parents rented a bach in the South Island down near Riverton, I always loved it as it had a real lived-in feel, very cosy!!!!!
Your scrappy quilt looks great!!!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes when we look at our scraps we do not think it will make a lot until we get started. I have so many scraps and this year I have made 2 baby quilt patchworks and one full size patchwork and I still have enough scraps leftover to make more and more patchwork. I sometimes think they will never get used up.

FlourishingPalms said...

Quilt soft curves (snail's trail, stippling) on a quilt top with linear piecing. The contrast between the two will give the quilt more interest. It's a lovely way to use scrap strips. Did you use phone book pages as foundation?