Friday, February 22, 2013


At last I’m back in business.  No excuses really, except life sometimes gets in the way, plus we bought a new laptop – Windows 8 and I have been getting used to it. Its different but no problems really and I’m quite proud of myself having sussed it by trial and error!
I have been blog watching though which, although takes up a lot of time is Very enjoyable. 

I saw a few ( quite a few actually) people are revamping the Scrappy Trip around the World from Bonnie at

I also found this site to drool over :-)

This made me think about the 3 drawers of modern fabrics I have acquired. It was bothering me that the collection was growing, and not depleting  any way, and the fact that I have a grand daughter that I haven’t as yet made a quilt for. So out came the trust cutter and ruler and voila! 

Then some stitching.

Now to make about another 30 and I will have enough for a King Single Quilt.
Thanks for not losing interest in my blog and
Thanks for dropping by
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Sheila said...

Hi Sue, nice to see you back in business. I too got bitten by the scrappy trip bug. Stopped at 36 blocks. I would like sometime down the track to do one with a little more "controlled palette. It was a lot of fun to do, and quite liberating. LOve your bright modern version

FlourishingPalms said...

Hello again! And welcome back to the blogosphere. It's good to see you're in business again. Funny that you were bitten by the Scrappy Trip-Along virus. What a great quilt to make for a granddaughter. I know that piecing these is quite addictive, so I'm sure you'll have a king single top in no time. Have fun!

Merilyn said...

Nice to see a post from you Sue! It has been a while, I know what it's like, life can get in the way sometimes!!! I think your 'bright' blocks will create a great quilt for your granddaughter, she will be bound to love it!!!!

Frances Leate said...

Welcome back Sue and I love your new look. Scrappy quilts are fun and I have several baskets full just waiting for me. Take care.

Pip said...

Welcome back Sue, I've been absent for a while as well, but like you I have been blog watching. Well done for getting to grips with Windows 8.

Love your version of the Scrappy Trip, it won't take long before you have enough blocks for a quilt.

Tazzie said...

Love your scrappy trip around the world Sue. Your fabrics are just delightful and fresh. It's a Bonnie project that I'd like to tackle some day - just give me some free time, and I'm all over it!

Katie said...

That's going to be a fabulous quilt! :-)