Friday, October 19, 2012

My Local Quilt Group

held a retreat this past weekend. Every-one had a great time, and a lot of the girls made a Jelly Roll quilt.
P1010003 P1010007P1010008
There was also time for eating and of course drinking! :-)
P1010011 P1010010 Photo0211P1010014
Photo0215This quilt top was made by Sue who works at Wendy’s shop.”Wendy was great all weekend helping all those that were making their Jelly Roll Quilts
Another quilt that some of the girls are making is the Disappearing Nine Patch.
I managed to get a few more photos before my camera battery went flat.
P1010018P1010019 P1010023 P1010020P1010021 P1010022 P1010016 Carol won a prize and decided it was a shower cap. Not really sure what it was!
There were a few other quilts being worked on P1010009 A lovely Batik quilt made by Carole.P1010025
Francie worked on her Foundation Piecing Christmas Trees.P1010013 Click on any photo to see it up close. I haven’t photographed my effort yet, but will do so and post them tomorrow.
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Cattinka said...

So many busy women and so many beautiful quilts!
What a nice retreat

Pip said...

Judging by your photos it seems as if there was a lot of work done at the retreat despite the eating and drinking :) you obviously all had a great time.

Linda said...

Oh, you've just had my kind of weekend! I haven't had one like that in more than ten months. I miss my quilt-y friends! It's great to see wine bottles on the tables. Those (wine bottles) have been lacking in the retreats I've attended. Seems like they'd just make the work... err, play!... go smoother. So glad you could go.

Julie said...

It looks like a great time was had by all, and so very productive too!