Monday, July 30, 2012

3rd And Last Part of the Show

We Had A Challenge - It was my suggestion, as at the time I thought it was a good idea. The only problem was that I never do Challenges, as I can’t stand being under pressure. I used to participate in Round Robins years ago, and that was stressful enough. Anyway after telling the group there was to be a Challenge, I couldn’t very well not do it! The theme was Our interpretation of a rainbow (very loosely)  

VGQ Show 2012 039 VGQ Show 2012 036 VGQ Show 2012 035

VGQ Show 2012 038 VGQ Show 2012 037

Mine is the right bottom row, based on the pattern in Sarah Fielke’s book Quilting from Little Things. I hand quilted it with Number 5 thread.

Sorry about my photos - chopping some the sides off!

Now I can get back to my other quilts so….

Thanks for dropping by

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Merilyn said...

What gorgeous little quilts, they are all delightful and creative!!! You did some nice handquilting on your quilt!!! I also like the one with the umbrella!!!!

Pip said...

You came up trumps :) I don't like being under pressure either, although I do put pressure on myself to finish things, I tell myself that is different though.

Love your rainbow interpretation and also the one called Rainbow Groove.

Linda said...

That was a great challenge idea, Sue. I'm glad you decided to participate. Your sixteen-geese, Circle of Geese block is great! I've just finished quilting my own Circle of Geese (12 geese) and am putting the binding on it now. I enjoyed your pictures.

Julie said...

Your rainbow challenge entry is so lovely,it is exactly as you described it to me! So glad you entered the competition!