Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Block Finished

Today is my DH’s 70th birthday, and after having Apple Strudel (made by yours truly ) for morning tea, he is off outside to ride/train  one of the horses. IMG_1498
We have so many field mushrooms at the moment, and DH keeps bringing them into me to deal with. ( You know what its like) I have been making lots of mushroom soup and freezing it for DH, so when I’m away its an easy meal for him.
At last I have remembered to take a photo of the 2nd block I have made in the Bridal War Quilt series.IMG_1495 This one I made using the wash away paper behind my applique. I took this photo before I washed it, and have now done so, and it looks fine.
Broke a few # 60 machine needles though, trying to get through all the fabric on the points of the leaves. The current block I am making, I am starching the edges over freezer paper, then ironing the edges down before removing the freezer paper to stitch down. I think I like this way better. No sticky glue as with the wash away.  
Hopefully I won’t take so long to finish block #3.
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Joan said...

That looks such a yummy Struedal - Do you have the recipe? I Love that quilt block - what is the washaway paper called . I have only used the fusable webbing, and I find its very stiff when sewn. Thanks for sharing on your blog Have a lovely day ♥

Karen said...

I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Your appliqued blocks are looking great. I have used the washaway paper on machine embroidery and liked it, so I imagine it would be just as good for applique.

Julie said...

The strudel looks so good! As too does the latest applique block. Less than a week now until I see you, and I can't wait to catch up on all your news.