Monday, June 29, 2009


Thank goodness for son's who are in the IT business. The problem was my new camera takes such huge megapixel photos that they couldn't be uploaded easily. I have now reduced the size so hopefully I will be able to put my new photos up.
Last week I made a lap quilt for a dear friend who is very ill with Prostate Cancer. I had some blocks made in flannels that I started about 10 years ago, but lost interest in, so these came in very handy.


Becky said...

Wow! Great flannels! Is this your design, a pattern, from a book! I have problem finding good masculine looking flannels. Our shops seem to have lots of good baby flannels, but not ones for boys/men. It's one of the items I look for when visiting new shops. Hope this quilt offers your friend lots of comfort.

Julie said...

That's why it's ok to put things aside or away, the right time will come to use or bring them out again.

Looks very snuggly!