Monday, September 15, 2008

This weekend I decided to change the quilt on our bed, and took this log cabin quilt out of the cupboard. I was keeping it 'nice' for what I don't know. I made this quilt in 1999. I really love the colours, and it has cotton batting and I hand quilted it.

A few months ago and friend rang and suggested we go to a local quilt show, about an hour from home. After having lunch - isn't that part of it :-)) we arrived at the show.
Straight away I fell in love with their raffle quilt, and as I had been wanting to make this block myself, took a few photos, and of course a couple of tickets. Must support the quilters!!
Well blow me down, I won the raffle. I can honestly say I can remember everything I have ever won, because there aren't that many things!! I have put a photo up so you can see it.


Dionne said...

Your log cabin is beautiful. It looks great on your bed and you will surely feel wonderfully snug sleeping under it!

Congrats on the big win! That is fabulous. Is that the first pic you posted (with blk background) or another? Couldn't tell.


Kucki68 said...

I love both the spider web and the log cabin quilt. The log quilt looks all autumn to me!

Kathy Wagner said...

Both quilts are beautiful, but I particularly love the kaleidoscope/spider web quilt since I have been working on one for's so nice to see a finished one!!

Bonnie said...

Sue: Congratulations on winning a quilt. I, too, won one and the feeling is great. Did you know you can make links to other web sites on Blogger? Look carefully at the little icons where we write new blogs. One looks like a links in a chain. Highlight the word you would like it linked to then fill in the address. Voila! You now should have an active link. Way cool!

My guess is you all are headed into spring. We in North America are headed into fall. Your log cabin is lovely especially the border. Bonnie/PA